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    VacuVin Online

    The Gourmet Kitchen welcomes you to our Vacu Vin online store. Since being founded in 1996, The Gourmet Kitchen has sought out products that represent the "best of breed" within their respective market. The Gourmet Kitchen offers over 3,000 hand-picked products, and we proudly stand behind each and every one of them.

    In 1983 Vacu Vin began with the now famous Vacuum Wine Saver. This Dutch manufacturer has since developed a wide range of food preservation products incorporating their original idea of using a vacuum to preserve freshness. Vacu Vin's innovative, quality designs have proven their success by winning 20 international Design and Trade awards

    Vacu Vin Kitchen Gadgets
    The Vacu Vin Pineapple Slicer will peel, core and slice a fresh pineapple in just 20 to 30 seconds..
    Vacu Vin Bar Accessories
    Chilling drinks quickly and keeping them cold is no longer a problem using the Rapid IceŽ!
    Vacu Vin Wine Accessories
    The original Vacu Vin Vacuum Wine Saver is now used by over 25 million wine drinkers around the world making it the world's best selling branded wine accessory!.
    Vacu Vin Food Savers
    Designed to keep your 'air sensitive' foods such as biscuits, cookies, crisps, nuts and cereals in perfect condition. .